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JPN Subtitles: Eerie Mienai Kao (2018) [0/6]

I picked up timing Eerie Meinai Kao a couple of weeks ago, and I was keeping it mostly to myself—and I still kind of am. I’m not going to make any loud announcement, but you can consider this a small one. I have been indulging in self-taught Japanese studies for a little over a year (or two?) now, which I often have to drop for extended periods in favor of the education that I am in debt pay for, so one might imagine where my level is at. It’s a challenge for myself, as I don’t have the vocab or grammar arsenal to even partially comprehend full-on Japanese, but it is a fun test to pair spoken word to the kana while looking up various kanji in the process.

That said, I’m not confident in my skills, and there are other responsibilities and more highly prioritized hobbies that inevitably take away time from this project. Bummer bummer bummer. This will likely be slow going! So if I see someone else pick up JPN subtitles, I will drop it. In fact, I suspect no one (that I know of) has picked up Eerie Meinai Kao due to a lack of widely circulated raws.

And about raws: HDHTV 1080i, around 9GB an ep, come from HDH (of course). They are additionally shared at AOX, plus I converted episodes 1 – 2 to 720p; however, I’m unsatisfied with the quality, so I’m still working on it until—maybe, hopefully—smaller-but-still-HQ files comes along.

Like I said, progress might be slow. If someone else picks it up, that’s fine. But if not, and if someone wants to use these JPN subs for their own translations, you are certainly welcome to *try. I will keep this post updated as updates come, and I will likely give notifs by way of IG story with some left as perma via my 字幕 highlights. For the moment I am uncertain if I feel comfortable enough to be direct about this on Twitter or Tumblr, so I’ll see. Lasty, feedback and advice are always welcome.

イアリー~見えない顔~ E01 720p HDTV H264 AAC.mp4_snapshot_00.08.57_[2018.09.03_06.10.25]

  • E01
    • 94% timed to DoA 720p raw
  • E02
    • Raw obtained
  • E03
    • Raw obtained
  • E04
    • Raw Obtained
  • E05
    • Raw Obtained
  • E06
    • Waiting for raw

Update 1:
With the timely release of DoA, I am starting over and will be using these files only. HDHTV raws for episodes 1 – 5 were unfortunately downloaded, if only for the 70GB worth of seedbox space, and I won’t be holding on to these.

Update 2 | 9/12/18:
Timing subs is on a temp hiatus in light of the D-A subs chaos. Project will be resumed later.

Update 3 | 9/28/18:
Project is resumed! E01 Will try to be out by 9/30 (Sunday).

*Speaking more at my ability to time properly than anyone’s translation skills o;