Update: Address Change

It’s been a long time coming.

When I took steps in creating this blog, I merely wanted to move away from my netspace and associative name of strictly bookish writings. And so—hurriedly, and without much thought—considering how all of my common and known go-to handles were reserved by others (who else uses theairtwit?!), I ran with one of Fringe’s Walterisms.

But Walter and Fringe, as much as I love both him and the show, don’t feel like “me.” They’re just not part of my identity, online or off. So as much as I wanted to make use of this place, I don’t feel connected to it or have ever wanted to make it something I am known by. Which is exactly why I am now saying sayounara to¬†Vagenda Implied, trading it in for the new name, Mighty Mangoes, Go! (mightymangoesgo.wordpress.com, because “mightymango” and “mightymangoes were also taken. Christ.)

Unlike last time, however, I won’t make a new account attached to a different email. This will be done through my settings, but what this will change or mean—if anything—for currently posted content and subscribers, I don’t know. Regardless, I will make the change official within the hour this post goes live, and—soon after that!—other changes will go into effect (namely new banners and other image uploads to reflect the address).

It’s about time I started to make proper use of this place, after all. As I always intended.

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